That’s what she said! And she is me.

Welcome to the Blog of Bildo, and thanks for visiting!

A little bit about me – frolicking in the ocean and sipping on a cool beverage is how life was intended for me. An avid traveller and dabbler in creative expressions, I have tried it all – singing, make up artistry, photography, crossfit coaching – wait, what?

I have loved writing since Hotmail accounts were cool, my 15 childhood diaries will attest to that. Years of practicing terrible poetry and managing my own teenage emotions have shaped my passion for writing my stories and experiences for my few social media followers.

I adore my young family and love my close group of friends, and I plan on writing all about my life and upcoming overseas adventures as soon as the kids are old enough to appreciate all the effort it takes to travel with them.

I am on the market! I have gained traction in obtaining copywriting work and writing editorials for publication – you can check out my published work at The Good Guide!

I love guest posts and receiving requests for to be a guest poster so don’t be afraid to contact me for collaborations! Or call me to offer me a job, that’s cool too.

Feel free to look around and see you on the flip side!