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Am I the Only One Who Still Likes Karl Stefanovic?

Is what's happening here man-bashing at it's finest?

Oh Karl, you’ve had a rough couple of years…

I’ve always liked Karl Stefanovic. He’s funny, he’s charismatic, he’s been entertaining my mornings for years.

Image Credit: ABC

Sadly today in the news I heard that Karl has been dumped from the Today show.

He remains with Channel Nine but has lost his seat at the big table, quite unceremoniously.

His downfall began with his divorce from ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn a few years back, that turned so nasty in such a public manner, it would have been impossible for Karl to come out unscathed under normal circumstances.

But then, there was that Uber awkward phone call between him and his brother, fellow news presenter Peter Stefanovic, that saw them both digging themselves out of a very deep hole for talking shit about their co-workers and bosses. 

Image Credit: Warwick Daily

And of course, no one could forget that pretty much immediately after his separation from Cassandra, Karl finds himself a nice and very young girlfriend, Jasmine Yarbrough.

Image Credit: Marie Claire

This seals his fate, because let’s face it, in the court of public opinion, being on the band wagon of a seemingly wronged ex-wife is stronger than any other rational thought.

I mean honestly, am I the only one who understands that we can never know what happens in people’s private lives? 

Am I the only one who gets that what’s written on the internet is seldom true?

And am I the only one who feels that what’s happening to Karl is man bashing at it’s finest?

Hell hath no fury

I feel like there has been some character assassination going on for Karl since his divorce…

And inadvertently Cassandra has done the thing that she probably didn’t mean to do but did anyway and now she’s running with it. 

She has established herself as ‘Karl’s disgruntled ex wife’.

When a character is assassinated, the road back is mighty steep

So what do we have now?

A country full of people who hate Karl Stefanovic for wronging his wife of 20 years.

I think this is a good time to remind you that we don’t know what happened in this household for the end to have come.

Frankly, even if he did wrong her, that has nothing to do with anyone.

Karl’s response about all his personal drama provided to 9Honey, he talked about the love he bears for his children and his need to protect them. He goes on to encourage people to buy his ex-wife’s new book – oh, she’s a children’s author! There you go, I had no idea… 

Karl has had to bite back as well though; according to this article in the New Daily poor Karl has had enough and goes on to claim that there has been a lot of bullshit written about him since the divorce.

You guys, I don’t know why, but I think I believe him.

How the mighty fall… in love?

There have been a couple of nails in this coffin, but none more than Karl’s new love and now wife – Jasmine Yarbrough.

Their wedding took place in Mexico earlier this month and everyone seems super pissed off about this.

Image Credit: E! News

Why? Because it’s too soon?

For who?

For his ex-wife? For his children?

For you, the public, absolute strangers?

If it’s not too soon for the two people who are getting married, than what business is this of anyone’s?

If Karl is happy and Jasmine is happy, then everyone else just needs to take five and mind their own business, honestly.

A private conversation between brothers…

There was also that awkward conversation between Karl and his brother Peter, another beloved news presenter (who has now parted ways with the Nine network altogether), that was recorded by an Uber driver.

The Uber driver later denied recording their conversation (probably when he found out that it’s illegal to secretly record private phone conversations in cars you are driving for money), but said he remembered all the details of their talk.

Apparently, during this conversation, Karl and Peter ripped into their colleges from the Today show and also took swipes at their bosses, employees, the food prep guy, whatever.

Honestly, have you never had a conversation with a sibling or close friend about work and absolutely hated on everyone?

Don’t lie…

Save Sylvia!

I’ll leave you with the hope that sweet, beautiful, adorable Sylvia Jeffreys, wife of Peter Stefanovic, doesn’t end up having her career tarnished because of everyone’s new found hate for her husband and brother in law.

Image Credit: Nine News

Not just because she is a Brisbane local and my husband’s high school ex-girlfriend.

No. Because she does a damn good job and she is lovable and I’m sure she worked hard to get to where she is.

Don’t drag her down because the internet has shaped your opinions.

Leave Sylvia alone!

Oh and Karl, leave Karl alone too!

Tell me – are you on the ‘Hate Karl’ bandwagon? If so, why?

In Ellen’s words, be kind to one another.


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