Meet The Team

Billi Milovanovic

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Frolicking in the ocean and sipping on a cool beverage is how life was intended for Billi.

Billi has loved writing since Hotmail accounts were cool, her 15 childhood diaries will attest to that. Years of practising terrible poetry and managing her own teenage emotions have shaped Billi’s passion for writing her stories and experiences for her few social media followers.

She’s birthed a couple of little Bildos, been with her adoring Husband for over a decade and they would describe themselves about as happy as clams can be. Not that that means he reads this blog – although he really should, seeing as he features in it quite frequently.
She is not Canadian.

Stacey Price

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Stacey Price is a life traveler, unjudgemental writer and a face-with-heart-shaped-eyes Canadiana who, in 2018, decided to quit her job of 16 years to travel the world and then washed up on the shores of Australia to start the next chapter.
She is a wife to a prize-winning gentleman; currently has no human children.
Likes: British slang, negronis, time travel, cat.
Dislikes: sunburns, voicemails, war.

Lyndsey Kirkwood


Lyndsey Motherfucking Kirkwod, A.K.A Lindalin, is a coffee drinking, home making, pilates lover. She is a wife of 13 years and counting, a mother of 3 real (gorgeous) babies and 2 (furry) fur babies.

She is a Canadian at heart but Australia has been home for the past 14 years – yet she still calls shopping centres ‘malls’.

Lindalin loves all aspects of home decor, her house is fabulous, and she is freakishly, impressively organised.

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