Wine Chats Podcast: Ep. 18 – Sweaty Box Pilates Place
Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin

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Ever wondered how Lindalin manages to get into those teenage shorts? Cath from Pilates Place is in Wine Chats HQ to answer all those pressing questions! From sweaty crotch to what not to wear, the mystery of Pilates is unveiled!

Author: Billi Milovanovic

Billi, A.K.A Bildo, is a freelance writer and she has loved writing since Hotmail accounts were cool – her 15 childhood diaries will attest to that. She’s birthed a couple of little Bildo’s, been with her adoring Husband for over a decade and they would describe themselves about as happy as clams can be. Not that that means he reads this blog – although he really should, seeing as he features in it quite frequently.