Ep. 8 – Wine and Sports Don’t Mix

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This week, Bildo and Lindalin are talking about something that only about 3% of women are passionate about – sports! With Bildo’s newfound love for Formula 1 racing and Lindalin’s extensive Cheerleading career, no sport is left un-offended as the athletically challenged discuss what they know nothing about.

Author: Billi Milovanovic

Billi, A.K.A Bildo, is a freelance writer and she has loved writing since Hotmail accounts were cool – her 15 childhood diaries will attest to that. She’s birthed a couple of little Bildo’s, been with her adoring Husband for over a decade and they would describe themselves about as happy as clams can be. Not that that means he reads this blog – although he really should, seeing as he features in it quite frequently.